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Regular Standard Novice Round 1$85Greater Atlanta ASC
Regular Standard Novice Round 2$85Central Valley ASC
Regular Junior Novice Round 1$85Jen Kline
Regular Junior Novice Round 2$85Zia Australian Shepherd Club
Regular Veteran Novice Round 1$85Blue Ridge Australian Shepherd Club
Regular Veteran Novice Round 2$85
Regular Standard Open Round 1$85Jen Kline
Regular Standard Open Round 2$85
Regular Junior Open Round 1$85WASCUNY
Regular Junior Open Round 2$85WASCUNY
Regular Veteran Open Round 1$85ASC of AZ
Regular Veteran Open Round 2$85
Regular Standard Elite Round 1$85Oil Patch Athletic Canines
Regular Standard Elite Round 2$85 Heart of Texas ASC
Regular Junior Elite Round 1$85
Regular Junior Elite Round 2$85
Regular Veteran Elite Round 1$85Oil Patch Athletic Canines
Regular Veteran Elite Round 2$85Debbie & Cyndi Lang
Gamblers Standard Novice Round 1$85Dan Roy, Performance Dog Training, Nationals Agility Judge
Gamblers Standard Novice Round 2$85Central Valley ASC
Gamblers Junior Novice Round 1$85
Gamblers Junior Novice Round 2$85
Gamblers Veteran Novice Round 1$85
Gamblers Veteran Novice Round 2$85
Gamblers Standard Open Round 1$85
Gamblers Standard Open Round 2$85
Gamblers Junior Open Round 1$85
Gamblers Junior Open Round 2$85
Gamblers Veteran Open Round 1$85
Gamblers Veteran Open Round 2$85
Gamblers Standard Elite Round 1$85Oil Patch Athletic Canines
Gamblers Standard Elite Round 2$85Liz Neuman in memory of Quid
Gamblers Junior Elite Round 1$85
Gamblers Junior Elite Round 2$85
Gamblers Veteran Elite Round 1$85Debbie & Cyndi Lang
Gamblers Veteran Elite Round 2$68Joyce Roessner
Jumpers Standard Novice Round 1$68Laurie Andrus
Jumpers Standard Novice Round 2$68Cindy Loftus
Jumpers Junior Novice Round 1$85Laurie Andrus
Jumpers Junior Novice Round 2$85
Jumpers Veteran Novice Round 1$85
Jumpers Veteran Novice Round 2$85
Jumpers Standard Open Round 1$85
Jumpers Standard Open Round 2$85
Jumpers Junior Open Round 1$85
Jumpers Junior Open Round 2$85
Jumpers Veteran Open Round 1$85
Jumpers Veteran Open Round 2$85
Jumpers Standard Elite Round 1$85Tennessee ASC
Jumpers Standard Elite Round 2$85Oil Patch Athletic Canines
Jumpers Junior Elite Round 1$85Gateway ASC
Jumpers Junior Elite Round 2$85
Jumpers Veteran Elite Round 1$85Susan Byrne, Adair Aussies
Jumpers Veteran Elite Round 2$85Susan Byrne, Adair Aussies
High in Trial Novice $250New Hope ASC
High in Trial Open $250Peninsula Australian Shepherd Association
High in Trial Elite $200Chances' R Aussies, Nancy Resetar & Sharon Rapadas
High in Trial Junior $200WASC of Georgia
High in Trial Rescue$100Casa De Canine Agility & Pam Leach
High in Trial Veteran $250Australian Shepherd Club of Texas
High in Trial Champion of Record$120Erin Welch, Team Pork Chops
High in Trial 10+$150Casa De Canine Agility & Karen Nenow
High in Trial $300First in Flight ASC in Memory of Members' Dogs Who have Crossed the Bridge
High In Trial ACE Standard$250
High In Trial ACE Senior$250
High in Trial Standard Finals$200Around the Farm ASC
2nd Standard Finals$75ASC of AZ
3rd Standard Finals$75Central Valley ASC
4th Standard Finals$60Dog Agility of West Georgia (DAWG)
5th Standard Finals$75
6th Standard Finals$75
7th Standard Finals$75Judi Schachte, In Honor of Lira
8th Standard Finals$75
9th Standard Finals$75
10th Standard Finals$75
High in Trial Veteran Finals$250In Honor of Slash V Silver Charm
2nd Veteran Finals$75ASC of San Diego County
3rd Veteran Finals$37.50Judi Schachte, In Honor of Summit
4th Veteran Finals$60Dog Agility of West Georgia (DAWG)
5th Veteran Finals$75Sandy Maher
6th Veteran Finals$75
7th Veteran Finals$75
8th Veteran Finals$75
9th Veteran Finals$75Liz Neuman in memory of Brite
10th Veteran Finals$75
High in Trial Junior Finals$250West Coast ASA
2nd Junior Finals$75Central Valley ASC
3rd Junior Finals$75
Altered 6-9 Dogs$85
Altered 9-12 Dogs$85
Altered 12-15 Dogs$85
Altered 15-18 Dogs$85
Altered Novice Dogs$85Dottie Bumb
Altered American Bred Dogs$85
Altered Bred By Exhibitor Dogs$85ASC of AZ
Altered Open Blue Merle Dogs$85
Altered Open Black Dogs$85
Altered Open Red Merle Dogs$85In Memory of my beloved boy Tahoe, forever missed and loved by Kerry Davis
Altered Open Red Dogs$85
Altered Winners Dog$150Peninsula Australian Shepherd Association
Altered Reserve Winners Dog$100
Altered 6-9 Bitch$85
Altered 9-12 Bitch$85
Altered 12-15 Bitch$85
Altered 15-18 Bitch$85
Altered Novice Bitch$85
Altered American Bred Bitch$85
Altered Bred By Exhibitor Bitch$85 Heart of Texas ASC
Altered Open Blue Merle Bitch$85
Altered Open Black Bitch$85
Altered Open Red Merle Bitch$85Ann McCabe Starry Sky Aussies
Altered Open Red Bitch$85
Altered Winners Bitch$150Kara Sellers
Altered Reserve Winners Bitch$50Jacquie Hallenbeck
Altered Best of Breed$300Kraftbrewd Australian Shepherds, Tom & Jodi Noble
Altered Best of Opposite Sex$200WASCUNY
Altered Best of Winners$150Paula Waterman, Inkwell
Altered Premier Dog$100Southern AZ ASA
Altered Premier Dog$100RJ’s Tire Pros
Altered Premier Dog$100Wild Thyme Aussies
Altered Premier Dog$100Louisa Tennille, In Memory of Garfield
Altered Premier Dog$50Kristina Churchill
Altered Premier Dog$50Susan Herdman
Altered Premier Dog$100
Altered Premier Dog$100
Altered Premier Dog$100
Altered Premier Dog$100
Altered Premier Bitch$50Lisa Schmiedl, In memory of Multi Premier Altered Ch. Aztecs Rosie the Riveter CD RN
Altered Premier Bitch$50Lisa Schmiedl, In memory of Multi Premier Altered Ch. Aztecs Rosie the Riveter CD RN
Altered Premier Bitch$50Susan Herdman
Altered Premier Bitch$100
Altered Premier Bitch$100
Altered Premier Bitch$100
Altered Premier Bitch$100
Altered Premier Bitch$100
Altered Premier Bitch$100
Altered Premier Bitch$100
Altered Finals 1st Place$200Eastex ASC
Altered Finals 2nd Place$75Central Valley ASC
Altered Finals 3rd Place$75Wild Thyme Aussies
Altered Finals 4th Place$75Kristina Churchill
Altered Finals 5th Place$75
Altered Finals 6th Place$75
Altered Finals 7th Place$75
Altered Finals 8th Place$75
Altered Finals 9th Place$75
Altered Finals 10th Place$75Kara Sellers
6-9 Dogs$85Cloverdale Aussies - Melissa Lednik
9-12 Dogs$85Linda Reau
12-15 Dogs$85Michelle Catlin
15-18 Dogs$85Central Valley ASC
Novice Dogs$85Blue Ridge Australian Shepherd Club
American Bred Dogs$85Tennessee ASC
Bred By Exhibitor Dogs$85Carolina/Calais Aussies
Open Blue Merle Dogs$85Chances' R Aussies Nancy Resetar & Sharon Rapadas
Open Black Dogs$85Megan Schill, Everly Aussies, in Memory of Weston
Open Red Merle Dogs$85Peter Kontos, In Memory of CH Burnin Down the House "Pyro" 10/19/03-7/14/17
Open Red Dogs$85Cherlyn Pettigrew, DesertRose Aussies
Winners Dog$150Firestorm Australian Shepherds, Nelson & Lisa Pope
Reserve Winners Dog$100Casselcreek Aussies, Theresa & Glenn Casselman In Memory of CH Casselcreek Hannah's A Keeper and Casselcreek Rock Paper Sizzers
6-9 Bitch$85Cloverdale Aussies - Melissa Lednik
9-12 Bitch$85Woodhaven Aussies, Michelle Catlin
12-15 Bitch$85In memory of ASCA SVCH, SPCH, VCH, PCH, WTCH, OTCH, A-CH Otter Creek’s Law N Order, UDX, RS-E, JS-E, GS-E, RTDc
15-18 Bitch$85Central Valley ASC
Novice Bitch$85TreeStarr Australian Shepherds, Becky Androff
American Bred Bitch$85Pamela Belz of Apple Ridge Aussies
Bred By Exhibitor Bitch$85Michael English, Cameron Aussies
Open Blue Merle Bitch$68Gateway ASC
Open Black Bitch$85In Memory of HOF CH Woodlake's Next Day Air "Jetti"
Open Red Merle Bitch$85Kim Buffum, Country-Way Aussies
Open Red Bitch$85Amy Clow-Gilpin
Winners Bitch$150Ch. Lyric Rendezvous, JoJo
Reserve Winners Bitch$100Heather Scott, Sonkist Aussies
Best of Breed$300Chances' R Aussies Nancy Resetar & Sharon Rapadas
Best of Opposite Sex$250Melynda Fitt
Best of Winners$150Nancy Brooke
Premier Dog$100Chances' R Aussies Nancy Resetar & Sharon Rapadas
Premier Dog$100Jennifer Kline
Premier Dog$100Erin Welch, Casa Blanca's Magnum and Bentley
Premier Dog$100Randolph Miller & Christine McCormick
Premier Dog$100Critera Australian Shepherds, In memory of - HOF CH Ivory Isles Meets the Criteria
Premier Dog$100Susan Harris, SkyHi Aussies
Premier Dog$100Absoloot Aussies, Keli Gaunt
Premier Dog$100Linda Catatalino/Roseto in Loving Memory of CH Stormridges's Easy Money "Buck"
Premier Dog$100
Premier Dog$100
Premier Bitch$100Chances' R Aussies Nancy Resetar & Sharon Rapadas
Premier Bitch$100Forevr Farm Aussies, Kathleen & Evans Sumner
Premier Bitch$100Michelle Catlin
Premier Bitch$100Wedgewood Aussies, In Memory of Murphy
Premier Bitch$100Cathy Olson, Brody Aussies
Premier Bitch$100In Loving Memory of Casa Blanca’s Sparkle Plenty
Premier Bitch$100
Premier Bitch$100
Premier Bitch$100
Premier Bitch$100
Intact Finals 1st Place$250Nancy Brooke
Intact Finals 2nd Place$75ASC of AZ
Intact Finals 3rd Place$75Central Valley ASC
Intact Finals 4th Place $75ASA of NM
Intact Finals 5th Place$75Southern Colorado ASC
Intact Finals 6th Place$75Southern Colorado ASC
Intact Finals 7th Place$75
Intact Finals 8th Place$75
Intact Finals 9th Place$75
Intact Finals 10th Place$75
Pee Wee Handler$85Angela Rhodes
Sub Junior Handler$85Delta Australian Shepherd Fanciers (of Northern California)
8-12 Novice Junior Handler$85Greater Atlanta ASC
8-12 Open Junior Handler$85Upncomin Aussies
13-17 Novice Junior Handler$85Tennessee ASC
13-17 Open Junior Handler$85OVASC (Ocean View ASC)
Best Junior Handler $300Kelly Hatton
Reserve Junior Handler$250Emerald Isle Aussies
8-12 Open Junior 1st Place$100RJ’s Tire Pros
8-12 Open Junior 2nd Place$85Central Valley ASC
8-12 Open Junior 3rd place$85
8-12 Open Junior 4th place$85
13-17 Open Senior 1st place$100Heart of Texas ASC
13-17 Open Senior 2nd place$85Central Valley ASC
13-17 Open Senior 3rd place$85Wild Thyme Aussies
13-17 Open Senior 4th place$42Lisa Harward
Finals Best Junior Handler $300Kelly Hatton
Finals Reserve Junior Handler $250Eastex ASC
Most Versatile Aussie Gold Level $300Donna Burdick & Jamie Hansen, in Memory of HOF Fame Dam #387 Crystalgene’s Made for Koala-T CD STDs REX JV-N DNA-VP “ Jade”
Most Versatile Aussie Silver Level $1002R Aussies – Renee & Mike Watson, In memory of SVCH/SPCH Husker, VCH/PCH Maddie & CH/WTCH Blade
Most Versatile Aussie Silver Level $100Janet Colby, Tim Walker: In Memory of VCH ATCH A-CH Casa Blanca's Siata
Most Versatile Aussie Silver Level $100In Memory of Nick Davis & HOF SVCH VCH WTCH CH Apache Tears of Timberline UDT
Most Versatile Aussie Silver Level $100Lisa Harward
Most Versatile Aussie Silver Level $100
Most Versatile Aussie Silver Level $100
Most Versatile Aussie Silver Level $100
Most Versatile Aussie Silver Level $100
Most Versatile Aussie Silver Level $100
Most Versatile Junior $300Linda Buell HOFX Woodstock Aussies, Michele Catlin Wood Haven Aussies , Kristina Churchill HOFX Makita Aussies, and Debbie Dillion
Most Versatile Junior Silver Level $100Peninsula Australian Shepherd Association
Most Versatile Junior Silver Level $100
Most Versatile Junior Silver Level $100
Most Versatile Junior Silver Level $100
Most Versatile Junior Silver Level $100
Tracking Test $200Jean Inman in honor of tracking dogs & handlers who help find lost pets
Tracking Test Excellent $250Tennessee ASC
Rescue Parade $200Carol Thomas-Looper
Veteran & Titleholder Parade $200
Veteran Dog 7-9 Years$85Central Valley ASC
Veteran Dog 10-12 Years$85Delta Australian Shepherd Fanciers (of Northern California)
Veteran Dog 13 & Up$42.50Peter Kontos, RumRunner Aussies
Veteran Bitch 7-9 Years$85Ann McCabe Starry Sky Aussies
Veteran Bitch 10-12 Years$85Carla & Ellen Danforth, Borderland Australian Shepherds
Veteran Bitch 13 & Up$85Tennessee ASC
Best of Breed Veteran $200Heather Scott, Sonkist Aussies
Best of Opposite Sex Veteran $150Tammy Seaman in Memory of HOF BISS Ch. La Plata's Mistico De Colores, STDs
Best of Breed Puppy $100
Kristina Churchill
Best of Opposite Sex Puppy
$100Betty & Heather Carroll, Monarch
2-4 Blue Merle Puppy Dog
2-4 Blue Merle Puppy Bitch
2-4 Red Merle Puppy Dog
2-4 Red Merle Puppy Bitch
2-4 Black Puppy Dog
2-4 Black Puppy Bitch
2-4 Red Puppy Dog
2-4 Red Puppy Bitch
4-6 Blue Merle Puppy Dog
4-6 Blue Merle Puppy Bitch$85
4-6 Red Merle Puppy Dog $85
4-6 Red Merle Puppy Bitch$85
4-6 Black Puppy Dog
$85Casa Blanca Aussies, Judy Chard & Kassie Busby
4-6 Black Puppy Bitch
4-6 Red Puppy Dog
4-6 Red Puppy Bitch
$85Dottie Bumb
WTCH$100In honor of back-to-back WTCH BOB Winner, WTCH Ch. Makita’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, BN, RN(Trina)
Breeder Showcase$100Crossroads ASC
Brood Bitch$100Gail Karamalegos, in memory of HOF Dam Ch Callisto's Rosie O'Donnell
Stud Dog$100Gail Karamalegos, in memory of HOF Sire BISS Ch Cimarron's Sterling Silver ROMX-I
Beginner Novice A$85Amy Clow-Gilpin
Beginner Novice B$85Central Valley ASC
Novice A$85Greater Atlanta ASC
Novice B$85ASC of AZ
Graduate Novice$85Blue Ridge Australian Shepherd Club
Open A$85Heidi Iverson
Open B$85Heart of Texas ASC
ODX A$68Southern Colorado ASC
ODX B$85Delta Australian Shepherd Fanciers (of Northern California)
Utility A$85Central Valley ASC
Utility B$85Gateway ASC
Versatility$85Tennessee ASC
Brace$85Peninsula Australian Shepherd Association
Seniors$85Peninsula Australian Shepherd Association
Team$85ASC of AZ
High Score Veteran$100WASCUNY
High Score Junior$100Michelle Juette
High Score Champion of Record$100Andrea Torres
High in Trial $150Hill Country ASC
High Combined$250
Finals Novice Winner$250
Obedience Novice 2nd Place$75Central Valley ASC
Obedience Novice 3rd Place$37.50Donna Long
Obedience Novice 4th Place$75
Obedience Novice 5th Place$75
Obedience Novice 6th Place$75
Obedience Novice 7th Place$75
Obedience Novice 8th Place$75
Obedience Novice 9th Place$75
Obedience Novice 10th Place$75
Finals Open Winner$250
Obedience Open 2nd Place$75
Obedience Open 3rd Place$75
Obedience Open 4th Place$75
Obedience Open 5th Place$75
Obedience Open 6th Place$75
Finals ODX Winner$250
Obedience ODX 2nd Place$75
Obedience ODX 3rd Place$75
Finals Utility Winner$250
Obedience Utility 2nd Place$75Central Valley ASC
Obedience Utility 3rd Place$75Donna Long
Obedience Utility 4th Place$75
Finals Super Dog Winner$250
Obedience Super Dog 2nd Place$75
Obedience Super Dog 3rd Place$75
Obedience Super Dog 4th Place$75
Obedience Super Dog 5th Place$75
Obedience Super Dog 6th Place$75
Obedience Super Dog 7th Place$75
Rally Novice A$85Greater Atlanta ASC
Rally Novice B$85ASC of AZ
Rally Novice C$85Tennessee ASC
Rally Advanced A$68Lisa Schmiedl, In Memory of Altered Ch. Aztecs Rosie the Rivitor, CD, RN
Rally Advanced B$85Joan & Harold Skinner
Rally Advanced C$85Blue Ridge Australian Shepherd Club
Rally Excellent A$85Central Valley ASC
Rally Excellent B$68Sherie Trusty, Second Wind Australian Shepherds
Rally Excellent C$85Delta Australian Shepherd Fanciers (of Northern California)
Rally Masters A$85Central Valley ASC
Rally Masters B$68WildVine Aussies, Cynthia Clark
Rally Masters C$68WildVine Aussies, Cynthia Clark
Team$85Ann McCabe Starry Sky Aussies
High Score Novice Dog $100Peninsula Australian Shepherd Association
High Score Advanced Dog $80Southern Colorado ASC
High Score Excellent Dog $100Michelle Juette
High Score Masters Dog $100Heart of Texas ASC
High Score Champion of Record $100Nancy Gast
High Score Veteran$100In Memory of Greg Quintana
High in Trial $300
High Combined $250WASCUNY
High in Trial Jr$100Becky Pugh
Finals Rally Champion $200Hill Country ASC
2nd place $75ASC of AZ
3rd place $75Central Valley ASC
4th place $75Central Valley ASC
5th place $75
6th place $75
7th place $75
8th place $75
9th place $75
10th place $75
ClassAmountSponsorPay Pal
Started Ducks$85Heart of Texas ASC
Open Ducks$85Michael English, Cameron Aussies: In Memory of HOF ASCA CH UKC GR CH Western Hills Got My Mind Set on U OTDs STDcd OFTDs RS-N JS-O GS-N RN PT
Advanced Ducks$85Tennessee ASC
High In Trial Ducks$100WEWASC
Started Sheep$85Chuck & Karen Spriggs
Open Sheep$85Debby Rosenglick, Lucky Rose Aussies
Advanced Sheep$85The Hartnagle Family, Hartnagle's Las Rocosa Aussies, Since 1955
High In Trial Sheep$100Aryeh Einhorn, Einhorn Aussies
Started Cattle$85Greater Atlanta ASC
Open Cattle$85WTCH Justus N SedaLana's Cocoa Crunch, SedaLana Farm
Advanced Cattle$85ASC of AZ
High In Trial Cattle$100Working Australian Shepherd Club of Georgia
High Combined Started$100The Hartnagle Family, Hartnagle's Las Rocosa Aussies, Since 1955
High Combined Open$90Sue Kelly, Just Plain Working bred Aussies, Brooklyn Michigan
High Combined Non-WTCH$100Debby Rosenglick, Lucky Rose Aussies
High Combined (Stock)$300Central Valley ASC, In Memory of our club member Marilyn Butts
High In Trial Working Junior$100The Hartnagle Family, Hartnagle's Las Rocosa Aussies, Since 1955
High In Trial Open Working Junior$90Mike & Melinda May - Hullabaloo
High In Trial (Stock)$300Amistad Aussies, Judie Manuel
Stock High in Trial Junior$90Retro & Patti
Finals Champion Duck Dog$250West Coast ASA
Reserve Champion Duck Dog$150In memory of our Dear friend and WASCUNY member Jackie Hamilton
3rd Place Duck Dog$75ASC of AZ
4th Place Duck Dog$75Central Valley ASC
5th Place Duck Dog$60Lisa Schmiedl
6th Place Duck Dog$75Debby Rosenglick, Lucky Rose Aussies
7th Place Duck Dog$75Debby Rosenglick, Lucky Rose Aussies
8th Place Duck Dog$75
9th Place Duck Dog$75
10th Place Duck Dog$75
Finals Champion Sheep Dog$250Willamette Australian Shepherd Club, in honor of Roger & Audrey Klarer
Reserve Champion Sheep Dog$150In memory of our Dear friend and WASCUNY member Jackie Hamilton
3rd Place Sheep Dog$75Narita Siegel In memory of Alfie, PSR Lady Alfie of Narita Farms, best partner this gal ever had.
4th Place Sheep Dog$75Central Valley ASC
5th Place Sheep Dog$75Blue Ridge Australian Shepherd Club
6th Place Sheep Dog$75
7th Place Sheep Dog$75
8th Place Sheep Dog$75
9th Place Sheep Dog$75
10th Place Sheep Dog$75
Finals Champion Cattle Dog$250Amistad Aussies, Judie Manuel
Reserve Champion Cattle Dog$150Working Aussies Of Virginia
3rd Place Cattle Dog$75Central Valley ASC
4th Place Cattle Dog$75Steve, Anne, Stephanie Shope/HOFX Legends & HOFX StarN
5th Place Cattle Dog$75
6th Place Cattle Dog$75
7th Place Cattle Dog$75
8th Place Cattle Dog$75
9th Place Cattle Dog$75
10th Place Cattle Dog$75
Finals High CombinedBuckle
Donations for Stockdog Final PayoutContact Ray Fryar at the ASCA Business Office