Welcome to the 2018 ASCA Nationals Website

Welcome to the 2018 ASCA Nationals Website

This is the best spot to get the most up to date and official news! 
As new information becomes available, quick updates from the 2018 team can be seen posted here in chronological order.  We look forward to seeing you September 21 – 29 at the beautiful Island Grove Park in Greeley, Colorado!

Agility Team Tournament

Attention All Nationals Agility Trial Exhibitors:

For the third year in a row we are having the TEAM TOURNAMENT to raise money for Aussie Rescues.

Team up with two other handlers and raise money for a great cause and a chance to win prizes and rosettes. We will offer 1st – 3rd ribbons and prizes and at least a couple other fun awards.

Dogs can be on multiple teams but no two dogs can be together on more than one team. We will track the Q’s from all six runs (18 possible Q’s per team) at Nationals (Wed. – Fri.) to see which team has the highest score. Click to download THIS FLYER and read more details.

Please try to pre-enter so we can work on our scoring spreadsheet. We will also accept entries during the days before the start of the Nationals Agility Trial.

Thank you for your interest!

Ducks for Sale

Are you in the market for DUCKS?  The Nationals ducks will be sold at the completion of the Nationals trial.  If you are interested, please contact Anita Ramsey, our duck provider, at 804-384-8357!